Bavlnka brand is

a lifestyle brand of clothing, accessories, and home decor designed and crafted by Laura Bavlnka in Milwaukee, WI.  Laura has a love of natural fibers and one-of-a kind textiles.  As strongly featured in her clothing line Laura dyes, paints, and embroiders her materials and then turns them into wearables and special wall art pieces.  Bavlnka Brand is designed for the free spirited, socially conscious woman who intends for clothing to not only tell a story of who she is but also where her clothing has come from.



Clothing is an expression of who we are, it shows people what we like, what we support, our personalities, our mood.  When we discuss the garments and accessories we are wearing that we are passionate about, it connects us with one another.  Our clothing should be just as unique as we are, shaped by every second of our unique lives.

Photo by Lauren Conant


"I love working with silk.  Silk is luxurious and strong. I learned the Japanese shibori dying technique while in college, and I fell in love.  I love the process of technical skill, manipulating something in a sculptural way.  I also have a free and wild side that loves the exciting and unknown aspect of experiment. I found a harmony of the two in shibori dying.  Shibori is the process of folding and wrapping the fabric and then applying color, or removing color.  You never really know what it's going to look like."  - Laura Bavlnka

Photo by: Sam Grandlich

Photo by: Sam Grandlich

Photo by: Sam Grandlich


field photoshoot :: photographer : Lauren Conant : www.rencolleen.com

silk dying process photoshoot :: photographer : Samantha Grandlich